vacation by shawn campbell

my thougts on travling
places i would like to of traveld i would like to go to germany becuase i would like to see what would be left over from wwII and to see the consentration camps and se what poeple had to suffer threw i would allso like to visit hawaii to see the great vacation spots there and to look at the big volcano there lastly i would like to go to new zealond to mea some of my online freinds that live there and to see what they have as some of there history
places i have been i have been to florida were disny land is iv been to Muskogee Oklahoma were the huanted castle is were i used to pretend to be a zombie in the zombie run were my uncul runs part of a huant iv allso been to a water park there in oklahoma allso and finlay i have allso been to the The Gateway Arch in st louis